Week 2 in #EJ14 brings us in touch with even more start-ups and their stories. They not only rose money but also an important question.*

Angel Investors, Seed funding, Kickstarter (or the German equivalent Krautreporter) Friends and Family – if you already started you own project, you’ll be familiar with some of these types of raising money for your start-up. Week 2 confronted us with even more stories of how other founders got their necessary money. I’m a bit confused about these options, because I feel as if some of them are too far-fetched for us right now, but being confronted with them leads me to a broader thought: Make up your own mind.

It is a shibboleth: Success comes on your own terms. If it’s attracting investors, then great. If it’s working independently on a smaller scale, then great, too. But: If some of us make any plus with our projects whatsoever, then I’d already consider this as a great accomplishment. (And it’s totally right that we applauded Katarina for the fact that bushwickdaily.com lets her sustain herself.)

The other business-advice in this sphere came from the master himself: Week 2 introduced us to Jeff „Mediengott“ Jarvis (I didn’t make that up, it’s out there, in the German twitterverse, crazy, these people on social networks). Considering all the people telling us their inspiring stories and that do such a great job helping us start, he also had an another important thought for us:

„You are going to get wildly conflicting advice, but you are the CEO!“

* See, what I did up there? A lame word-play. In English. I rule.

This posting is part of the Tow-Knight-Program in Entrepreneurial Journalism of which I’m one of 15 fellows in 2014. Every fellow starts his or her own startup-project and we are encouraged to reflect publicly on the experience once a week. Find more thoughts of mine about the program and the differences between the eco-systems in media and culture at the German-language blog carta.info.

Dieses Posting ist Teil des Tow-Knight-Studienprogramms in Entrepreneurial Journalism, an dem ich mit 14 anderen Studenten im ersten Halbjahr 2014 in New York teilnehme. Jeder Fellow startet während des Programms sein eigenes Start-up im Journalismus. Einmal wöchentlich sollen die Teilnehmer über ihre Erfahrungen bloggen. Noch mehr deutschsprachige Betrachtungen zum Programm darf ich von Zeit zu Zeit bei carta.info schreiben.